95 percent of small biz to spend more on digital marketing in 2019

March 25, 2019 by Aimee0

Small enterprises are now so committed to digital marketing that 95 percent are planning to spend more on the discipline throughout 2019 according to a new survey published last week by business news website, The Manifest.

Digital marketing has empowered SMEs to effectively level the playing field with larger corps as cost effective content and social media platforms enable them to deliver marketing materials capable of engaging end users without the expensive methods that were once needed two decades ago.

It is no surprise then that all but five percent of the 529 small enterprises surveyed for the ‘2019 Small Business Digital Marketing Survey’ said budgets will increase during the next nine months. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of channels and the majority are using everything at their disposal to achieve business goals and gain a competitive edge.

Content marketing remains one of the top channels for small businesses but the joint leaders overall are social media and websites. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow small biz to tap into large audiences with ease and 63 percent said they would be spending more in this area during the remainder of the year.

Corporate websites have long been a primary platform for enterprises looking to publish content and create relevant and fast loading experiences for customers. Despite the arrival of newer channels in recent years, 73 percent still use websites and 54 percent will invest more in them in 2019.

While there is variation in the usage of these channels, the consensus is that digital marketing is pretty much essential to the success of a small business as it provides so much added value for a relatively small outlay. Robert Weiss, MultiVision Digital president said its versatility is one the major plus points for SMEs who need to be agile.

Weiss added: “I’m a big believer of always starting with digital first because it’s directly quantifiable, and you can turn it off like a light switch if it’s not working.” The low cost of entry means small enterprises can tear everything down and start again without worrying about getting left behind.

The sheer scale and ease of use these channels, which also include SEO, video and email marketing, also allow enterprises to experiment on a daily basis. Digital marketer, Dipti Parmar said: “Digital marketing offers versatility and the freedom to experiment. Small businesses can spend a bit of money on each and quickly figure out which one works best for them.”

Experts believe smaller businesses should always leverage a variety of tools and channels to make the most of their investments and drive better ROI. However, the survey found that video marketing is not widely used as only 34 percent of respondents are using visual clips to promote products and services.

Brittany Gamble, social media specialist at MyCorporation also says content marketing may even be underrated despite is lauded reputation for deliver consistent returns. She concluded: “High-quality content takes time, money, and effort, but in the end, the results are worth every penny.”


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