Tech priorities shift as enterprises target swift digital transformation

June 6, 2020 by Aimee0

The global pandemic has accelerated the deployment of digital transformation schemes but 80% of technologists say their organisation is under the greatest pressure to make changes quickly as every part of the workforce is mobilised for remote tasks.

The new findings are part of a special edition study by APM vendor AppDynamics which offers an in-depth look at the recent shifts in digital strategies following the outbreak of Covid-19.

The study notes that tech departments have been inundated with demands since March as organisations attempt to shift operations to digital wholesale to improve agility and scalability amid challenging working conditions.

The pandemic has forced companies to prioritise the deployment of a high quality digital infrastructure capable of supporting all remote workforces and customers.

Some of the respondents claimed that the very survival of their organisation had been placed on their shoulders. Almost two-thirds of technologists say they have never felt as much pressure at work before and a similar number say they are performing tasks they did not do prior to the pandemic.

However, those companies able to set up a digital-based workforce and workplace are in a better position to adapt to the challenges the pandemic has posed in the short term and better able to plan for the future.

The desire to greenlight digital transformation quickly has resulted in 74% of technologists claiming projects have been signed off in several weeks rather than the typical year-long period that was standard before.

Six in ten technologists also says projects have been implemented that may have previously taken several years. The emphasis has been on fast tracking all viable tasks and processes.

AppDynamics general manager, Danny Winokur added: “Technologists are stepping up in their organisations’ hour of need, and it is now the responsibility of business leaders to do everything possible to provide these women and men with the tools, leadership and support they require to deliver first-class digital customer and employee experiences.”

While internal transformation has helped companies to support core activities, the priority at the moment is very much on delivering great digital customer experiences.

The use of content marketing and web copy is rising, as is the optimisation of web pages as companies target “seamless” interactions and experiences. With other more traditional channels impacted by Covid-19, digital is now very much the frontline for organisations.

95% of respondents said their organisations had changed tech priorities following the pandemic with 88% stating the digital customer experience is the number one focus.

Effective digital transformation is key here too as 80% say a lack of unified visibility into the performance of tech is one of the biggest challenges they are currently facing. 81% admit to issues with managing spikes in website traffic.

To improve digital strategies during this time, technologies outlined a few areas and tactics that could help them. Nine in ten say clear goals and objectives are crucial, the same number who said they require access to real time data as and when they need it.

Greater autonomy and accountability and freedom to experiment and take risks are also needed to manage the digital transformation revolution.


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